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Site Builder Pro has CMS Features for Advanced Site Design

Page Masters Site templates have common headers, footers and navigational elements. With Site Builder Pro, these can be updated and the changes reflected throughout the site. Multiple levels of page masters are used so that elements that are truly common throughout the site (such as the footer copyright notice) get changed in one and only one place.
Color Palettes Palettes provide global control over all colors used in the site. Changing colors in the palette will change the colors throughout the site.
  • Color shifting technology can even change the color of images.
  • Color selection is based on the same user interface as is used in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Preview the color changes before committing to them.
Style sheets Style sheets provide global control over style attributes. This gives web-sites a consistent look and feel and provides a central place to change style elements such as:
  • Font faces, sizes, colors and decoration
  • Control of margins, padding and line height
  • Decorative backgrounds such as rounded corners
  • Images for bullet lists

Multiple stylesheets can be maintained and can be associated with individual elements on a web-page.

Composite Graphics Today's web sites use simple graphical concepts such as rounded corners and decorative borders on text blocks. Site Builder uses multi-part, 'composite' images for complex shapes so that they can be stretched and sized while preserving the integrity of their design. These composite images can be applied as backgrounds to any element on the page.  New composite images can be created with Site Builder Pro. 
Multiple Sites Customers can create multiple web sites with Site Builder Pro.  The way that this works depends on the control panel being used, but includes support for sub-sites (sites that have a suffix on the domain name), sub-domains and  'add on' domains. 


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