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With the Helpdesk you can:

  • Submit a trouble ticket to receive support for a problem you are having
  • Take a self-guided tour through the Troubleshooter
  • Browse the Knowledgebase for frequently asked questions
  • Download helpful programs

IMPORTANT - We are no longer accepting email support. We have set up a new online ticket system. We hope you will find it easier to use and to track the progress of your support issues. Please click the image to the right and you will be sent to the new support page. Thank you.

To expedite your support request and to avoid unnecessary back and forth emails please provide ALL relevent information regarding your issue and be as detailed as possible.

If your request is concerning a login issue you must include the following information:1. Your Domain Name
2. What user name, password and additional settings are you trying
3. Where are you trying to log in to? FTP software? E-mail Client such as Outlook? MS Front Page? Online Web Editor? Webmail? or Control Panel (Only available to accounts signed up after 2/2004)?
4. What error messages are you getting?
5. The last 4 digits of the credit card that you used when you signed up with us (this is to verify that you are in fact the owner of the account). E-mail issues. If your problem is that you are not receiving mail to certain addresses/aliases @YourDomain.com then please be advised that we no longer support catchall email accounts, so *anything*@YourDomain.com no longer works. Please supply a list of all the aliases/adresses @YourDomain.com that you use so we can set them up for you. And don't forget to include your domain name.

For all other issues you MUST include your domain name and ALL relevant information. Be as detailed as possible.

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